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OK!  So I am almost 34 and I have yet to produce grandchildren!  But I have 3 cats who are all substantially bigger than a newborn so they are affectionately referred to by my parents as "the grandchildren"


This is Phoebe, the Queen mother.  She is my cats' mom, and my mom's cat.  She is a little 11-pound peanut.  She does not usually look this angry.  She loves my mom and her hobby is being aloof to everyone who is not my mom.  She is also known as mamakitty, quennie, weebie, and phoebs.



Above is Junior Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle.  He was formerly known as "Chipper."  His hobbies are ripping open bags of human snack food and eating them, and grooming his brother and sister.  He weighs about 19 pounds.  He is alternately known as June, Junie, Junie B. Jones, Juneth, Petunia, Toonie, and Toonces.
Sadly, Junie left us in November 2007, but he lives on in our hearts!  Bless you, Junie Petunie!


Above is Benjamin Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle.  His hobbies are eating and sleeping.  He weighs 24 pounds.  He is also referred to as Benji, Jama, Pajamaboy, Ben Kenobe, Obi Kenobe, Obi-Wan, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yahu, Tummyboy, Magoo, Biggest, and Myrtle.
!/2008 update:  Ben weighs 30 pounds.


Below is Clarabelle Llewellyn Poncharello Weagle.  Her hobbies are whining and lying on whatever you are trying to read.  She weighs in at around 22 pounds.  She is alternately known as Bella, Claybelly, Belg, Belgie, Belgian Waffle, Belgian workhorse, Lulubelle, Belgie Lou, Lulu, Sissy, Princess Lulubelle, Scratchie Girl, and fluffernutter.
1/12 update:  Belgie weighs 24.



Above is Pauly, my Nana's cat.  I don't know what he weighs because he would never let us weigh him.  His hobbies are running and hiding from people.  He is also known as Uncle Pauly, P-Diddy, Master P, and P-Kitty.
1/12 update:  Pauly now is our cat and he loves us.  He lets us pat him and sits in our laps and kneads our upper arms.  He is a sweetie pie now.