The family

Where I've been...
Open House
Who in tarnation am I anyways?
The family
The Grandchildren
Fat Cats on Mats
What is a Weagle?
Living vicariously through others' offspring...
So, where do I go on the web?
Remember when?
talk to me, baby

Here it is, in all its glory... The Family...



So this is my mom.  Some know her as sweagle.  Her hobbies include filling boxes with pens, string, cough drops, and broken reading glasses and putting the boxes into bigger boxes and then in closets.  You can email her at weagle138@charter.net



This is my dad, a.k.a. "Doc", but known to me as Pa (not pah, but paw.)  He used to be a dentist but now he is superintendent of the water department so don't say anything bad about Auburn Water.  His hobby is sitting on the deck.  You can email him at docweagle@auburnwater.com


Mom AND Dad

This is my mom and dad together.  They always dress like this.  Ain't they cute?



This is my sister Valerie.  People think we look and act alike except that she is skinnier, blonder, smarter, younger, and 90% different from me.  We are the same height though.  Her hobbies are Red Sox games and now that she has convinced her fiance to get a cat I am not sure how she spends her time but I am guessing it is cat-related.


The Nana
This is my Nana.  Unfortunately she passed away this past summer.  We traded living quarters about 4 years ago and she lived with my parents, and I live in her old house.  Her hobbies were complaining about her television and synchronizing her watch with other clocks.  She does not have email unless there is a heavenly network of which I am unaware.


The Niece
This is my sister and her new cat, my niece, Abby.