So, where do I go on the web?

Where I've been...
Open House
Who in tarnation am I anyways?
The family
The Grandchildren
Fat Cats on Mats
What is a Weagle?
Living vicariously through others' offspring...
So, where do I go on the web?
Remember when?
talk to me, baby

Here are some links I visit occasionally, in no particular order...


Link to my sister's fiance's website...and don't compare his to mine because he is a computer geek.

Donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day (I'm on the Medical Crew and my mom is a survivor!)

My college: The Middlebury College Website

My work: Worcester Public Schools Website (I work at Roosevelt)

My Chorus Website

The Onion "Newspaper" - For adults only!

Boston Red Sox Website

The Worcester Tornadoes Website: support small-town baseball!

Play Snood- Get addicted

Vote for Ed Augustus... he's the real deal!

Auburn Cat Hospital

Which A-Team member would you be? Find out here...

A* Team fans, want to know what Murdock's t-shirts said in every episode? Go here.

Cooter was definitely the coolest on Dukes of Hazzard...

By The Way, did you know the Dukes are still on every night? Check out episodes and fun stuff here.

Google Earth: totally cool

Here's my dad's birdbanding page... try the "how far can you hit a penguin" game... it's almost as addictive as snood....

another friend sent me this...called "the Interview with God". Interesting, and the photography is amazing. I myself would have a few different questions to ask...

Need any Scandinavian products? I have worked here off and on for for 17 years!

So, who did you like, Ponch or Jon? Get your CHiPs info here...funny audio files...