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Some things you haven't thought about in a loooong time...

OK, so if you want to know the whole story about how I came to making this page, read my blog.  But, even after watching "I love the 70's" and "I love the 80's" and every other retro special on TV, I still nearly freaked out when I came upon these 70s-80s toys.  Anybody else remember them, or is it just me?  Enjoy!


So, what the hell was this thing called anyway?  I seem to remember it being called a wiggleworm?  Remember this guy?  I remember when the younger kids would be humping along on this thing and myself and the badasses in my group would fly by them on our big wheels, slam down that hand brake, and burn some serious plastic big wheel tire in front of them.  Was this fun?  It's an inchworm, for gods sake!  And it's wearing a hat!


EVERYONE who was anyone had the Fisher Price Doctor kit.  Because obviously every six year old should absolutely be performing complete physical exams on their peers, as well as practicing shooting up and opening pill bottles.  All that was missing was the gloves and colonoscope.  Actually I just found the ear-examination (otoscope, my dad tells me) device half-buried in my parents' backyard... apparrently either my sister or I had an otolaryngology practice in the back yard behind the shed in the late 70's-early 80's...


This was the beginning of my downfall.  If I never had the wind-up record player with the plastic records I never would have gotten into 8-tracks, or a.m. radio, or Solid Gold, or cassettes, or the Weekly Top 40, or albums, or CDs, and now I wouldn't be downloading 10 songs a week from itunes... Damn you, Mary had a Little Lamb...


Anybody remember this thing?  You put the yellow thing in the "movie camera" and cranked it and you saw a movie.  I did not have this but I think my cousins did.  I think I saw Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day about 5 million times. 


The xylophone was one of those toys that I think everyone was issued by the government at birth.  I suppose it was intended to develop our musical sensibilities but as much as I played "Doe a Deer" on the thing still what I remember most about it is that it had a yellow plastic string so you could pull it and it played itself in this horrible cacophany that I can only describe as "hells bells."  I can remember running like a freaking banshee around the house pulling this thing behind me because it was obviously designed to be a noise that is pleasant and interesting to those under the age of five but makes the rest of the population want to commit violent crime.  I got my payback once my sister learned of its traumatizing effects when I was past the age of appreciating it.


WHO had this?  This toy had been completely erased from my memory until I saw it on ebay.  I didn't have it but I think I wanted it something fierce!  They are called the Woodsies and they live in this velcro-closured log and have furniture made of natural materials and eat seeds and frolic in nature.  I think they squeaked if you squeezed them.  Where have I played with this???  I got it! Finally!  This explains Casey!  Casey, did you have the Woodsies?  In my mind you are a true Woodsie.  Good job CBD!
Those of you who don't get this, go to my links page and read Casey's blog.  She is a Woodsie, at heart.