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Where I've been...
Open House
Who in tarnation am I anyways?
The family
The Grandchildren
Fat Cats on Mats
What is a Weagle?
Living vicariously through others' offspring...
So, where do I go on the web?
Remember when?
talk to me, baby

Kinda like wallyworld but different!


Hello Weagleworld visitors.  Welcome to my world.  The other day I was feeling a little bored and I had run out of things to do on the internet so I decided to jump on the website/blog bandwagon.  Probably the only person who will find this interesting will be me, but at least it's something to do!

So, I guess this is my home page!  I'll try to put some interesting things here from time to time...

Check this out:

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email me anytime, day or night.  This is a full-service website!